The Tao of Trees Illustrated Poetry Book

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The Tao of Trees Illustrated Poetry Book

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The Tao of Trees is a healing journey through the poems and naked bodies of the winter trees to find serenity, awaken your inner wisdom and help your body's amazing self-healing abilities.

  • Experience the gift of mindfulness and return to the delight of your Presence in the here and now, connected to Oneness.
  • Open your eyes and heart to the beauty and healing presence of trees all around you, reconnecting to the magic of the Natural and Sacred Worlds.
  • Fill your subtle body with harmony vibrations that empower your wellness and augment your self-healing intention.
  • Feel the love of Pachamama embracing you from the branches of trees and the flight of birds.
  • Slow down, empty your mind and return to the present and the powerful vibrations of nature around and within you.
  • Look within with loving kindness to release judgment, embrace your divinity and accept yourself unconditionally as a creature of Earth Mother.
  • Empty your mind of worries, problems and streams of recurrent thoughts and connect to the Mind of Oneness for clarity and serenity.

“These poems emptied my mind of worries, noise and rush. They took me to a silent place within myself, where I am free of mental narratives. Through both, the words and the illustrations, the embodiment of trees in this book helped me inhabit the peace that arises when the present moment becomes the primary experience of the Self.” —Corazon Tierra, poet, performer and movement educator

The Tao of Trees makes a loving  Gift.

The experience this book provides goes beyond its words and material value because it provides an oasis for your loved one's body, soul and mind.

  • Give the gift of mindfulness during these times of stressful busyness.
  • Give the gift of serenity during these times of chaos and violence.
  • Give the gift of love and beauty during these times where hatred wants to dim the harmony within our soul.



From the Introduction: Healing with the Poet-trees

Our soul knows what we often forget: trees are at the center of the dance of life and death. They hold our lives in their hands. Trees hold Earth together, feed her creatures and give us the Breath of Life. From the oxygen we breathe to the food we eat, our one legged siblings are at the center of our existence.

But we forget. We take trees for granted, like we do with the air we breathe and the earth we walk. We are so busy doing and worrying that we no longer recognize their essential gifts. Few people slow down long enough to appreciate the trees that stand, like old sentinels, guarding our daily walk.
(Introduction Excerpt)

And yet...

Trees provide us with the very experience our BodySoul craves to return home to our Sacred Self and back into the embrace of Earth Mother. In this embrace we become again Children of Earth, feeling our belonging, our value and our place in this planet. Oneness with trees and nature connects us to the healing power of Earth Mother and opens our eyes and heart to the beauty of this planet. In this moment of presence, we are rested, aligned, renewed and healed.

Seven Paths in the Tao of Trees

The poems whispered by the Poet-trees to poet-shaman-artist Maria Mar are divided in seven paths:

  • Path of Beauty: Poems to awaken your eyes to the beauty of creation.
  • Path of the Heart: Poems to overflow your heart with love, joy and gratitude.
  • Path of Co-creation: Poems to connect you to your Creation Partners in the universe; to feel supported, guided and part of the flow of life.
  • Path of Transformation: Poems to awaken the magic in you through a change of perception that changes your world.
  • Path of Presence: Poems to return you to your BodySoul and give yourself the present of now.
  • Path of Freedom: Poems to help you release limitations and align with your Sacred Self.
  • Path of Healing: Poems to activate your self-healing frequency, support you in your healing and see the gift in your healing journey.

This beautiful illustrated poetry book...

  • Opens a Sacred Space for you to breathe deeply, releasing physical and mental stress that you carry without even realizing it.
  • Helps you clear your mind, experiencing "Sky Mind" -a mind free of worry, mental narratives and noise, so that you can experience serenity and empty your mind to receive divine revelation and guidance and invite new ideas and renewed energies.
  • Opens your heart and reconnects you to the presence of trees and the blessings they bring into your life.
  • Aids in your healing journey by allowing you to listen to your physical and subtle body and the needs of your soul in the whispers of the "Poet-trees."

This book is a gift of beauty, harmony, inner peace and healing vibrations that you give yourself and others.

Tree Love Campaign!

Maria Mar is giving back to the Poet-trees through the Tree Love Campaign. $5 from each book goes to offer free online global events and New York local events and to network to support organizations helping trees.


When you buy the Tao of Trees here, at the author's site, you get these thank you bonuses:

  • Tree Message channeled especially for you by Maria Mar.

    Maria connects to the Spirit of Trees and YOUR spirit and conveys a special message from trees to you!
  • Dedicated digital author's signature.
  • The Thank You for saving trees art illustration signed by Maria Mar featuring your name on it.


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Give the gifts of mindfulness, serenity and beauty.


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A healing journey with the trees through the poems transmitted by the Poet-trees to the poet-shaman

34 beautiful poems
46 original art illustrations by the poet-artist
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